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I have bred, raised and trained pointing dogs since the early ‘80’s.  I always relished the thought of having a wonderful partner to spend fall days with. I didn’t want to have to be constantly getting after him.  I wanted him to do the job he was trained for, both willingly, and with style.  It seemed I could get some parts of the complete dog, but was always short, somehow.

I wondered if I would ever have a dog that had it all . . . then Duke came along.

I brought him home in September of ’07, and the journey from there has been wonderful. At every turn Duke has been willing, and able, to do the task, whatever and wherever. On top of that, he is an absolutely beautiful representation of the breed. I chose to challenge him with the toughest scenarios a hunting dog might find in the field. He has hunted pheasant, quail, prairie chicken, chukar and grouse across the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, in all sorts of conditions, and has yet to fail in figuring out how to find and hold his prey. He put game in the pouch!!

Only after this experience did I decide to build a breeding program around Duke. It was a challenge to find the same qualities in a female. Both females I have purchased and bred to Duke came from the Midwest. I didn’t care how far away they were – just how good they were. Duke’s first litter with “Fancy” produced eight outstanding individuals. They turned two in August of 2013, with many of them already hunting successfully last fall.

Then along came Belle . . .

She is a bitch good enough for Duke. Dickie’s Belle is beautiful, smart and willing. Her breeding compliments Duke’s very well, as does her conformation.

The first litter with Belle was in August of 2012, and those pups are showing incredible boldness and smarts. They are also loving and perfect images of the breed, boasting great heads and high, spirited tails. The second litter came in March of 2013, and had three pre-paid reservations.

Duke and Belle have it all – if you want one like them, reserve a pup now

Pictured below is “Jim’s Rhapsody”, aka "Sadie", by Duke and out of Belle.


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