What is a Brag Dog?

  • He’s the one the guys you hunt with wish they had.

  • He’s the one those guys tell their friends how good it was to hunt over.

  • He’s the one that gets you invited on the best trips.

  • He’s the one that gets to sleep inside.

  • He’s the one everybody notices.

  • He’s the one that makes you smile . . . a lot!


Here’s what to look for:

SMARTS – without smarts a dog will always let you down – he’ll fight you, be hard to train and control, frustrate you and make you wish you would have gotten a better dog. But now it’s too late – he’s made it into the family, and you’ve spent time and money on him . . . now you have to be frustrated for the next ten years or so.

LOOKS – does he look like the breed he is supposed to?  (Don’t short-change yourself in this quality. Dogs who look the most like the breed will be one with the most common traits of the breed.)

BLOOD – you try to find the dog that carries the best names in a well thought-out pedigree. At the end of the day, “blood will tell,” both for good and bad.


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